Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Hall of Heads

"Here in the Hall of Heads. This is my favorite one." - They Might Be Giants
I sing that song every time I have a head making day...loudly and with gusto...and sometimes in funny voices...just ask my family.
So I thought I would share some pictures from my work table today, obviously I'm making heads...
...that will eventually become storybook dolls thanks to the many wonderful suggestions I received from you, my lovely blog readers. I'm planning a little Red, an Alice with the White Rabbit, a faun, Snow White and Rose Red, Heidi, Pippi , and some kitten girls among others. Okay the last one is not strictly a story but more of something that popped into my head...but if I make 3??? Maybe with mittens??? Hmmm....

And this lovely lady is another Crow Girl. She is waiting for a hat and tells me DAILY that this bow looks stupid stuck on her head. It will eventually go on a hat I tell her, but she doesn't seem to believe me. Note the look of stark disbelief on her face.

And that's what's happening here in the Nest, what's going on in your neck of the woods?


  1. hi

    its an adorable crow..can i suggest an sunbonnethat??

  2. Hello and Thank You for stopping by my blog, and for the lovely compliment. Your fairies are still amazing!!! I was amazed at how you make your heads, such a different but brilliant way. I Love Your crow too!!! How lovely that you used branches for 'The tree Wifes' lower body. Anemones are LOVELY!!!
    Many Hugs,

  3. How neat to see your doll heads so early in creation. I am looking forward to your storybook series. :D

  4. Wow-- you are so talented! I love your dolls! I found your blog via your etsy shop.

    I look forward to seeing what dolls these little heads will become!

  5. I just knew you were fascinating! Love your dolls/characters, such personality. I found you via Dolls by Nat. Have you on my blog in an Etsy fav window.
    Many years ago I use to make dolls but desperately trying to stay focused these days...on my drawn art. Take care, Kimberly

  6. I love to see other Doll-Maker having a lot of Chaos on their Table before it will turn over - so that there will be very nice lovely little doll's. And your Crow-Girl ist so beautifull! Have a nice day an thanks for following my blog. Sorry that I don't write in english - it's very hard for me and it would takes so much time..
    Have a nice Day - Tinki

  7. Really neat seeing all the little heads! I like how you sing and work! My dolls talk to me too and tell me what they like and don't like. A think a little magic is involved there~


  8. Love the head pictures, of course. Wish we could get together and have a communal headmaking day. =)

  9. what a happy worktable! :) i can't wait to see all the finished little dears smiling and all dressed up...really Cynthia i think you need to give a workshop so we can all come and visit and watch you create in person as a business trip, what do you say? ;)
    (i know shyness is an issue, but wow that would be awesome...!)

    those rue anemones and little moss soldiers are so beautiful

  10. Oh Birdie, I immediately got a picture of me teaching a group of people making dolls and singing in silly voices! :)

  11. HA! The heads make me laugh. Reminds me of my studio when I was making dozens of dolls at a time. It creeped Jon out.

  12. Is there such a thing as whimsically macabre? If so, these pictures are it. I love them! Looks like you've been really busy these past few weeks. Wish I could say the same. I think Im stuck in winter. Perhaps this weekend I'll take part in a little dirt therapy.

  13. Wow! I just discovered your blog and I'm blown away! So much beauty and crafty goodness here! I love the wing tutorial, it's fantastic! I'd love to link to it if you didn't mind.