Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Merle the Crow Girl

Meet Merle, whose name by the way means blackbird, and who is obviously much happier now that she has a hat.

I went for a very brief trip to the ocean last weekend where I took these shots.

I love this bike! When I was eleven I inherited my aunt's bike which looked just like this! Admittedly I didn't have the cool pirate flag, but it did have Hell Rider hand painted on the side...I had a very wild aunt.


  1. I love merle and I love the name Merle! She is precious and sassy!

    Way cool bike. My sister had one similar when I was growing up. I have recently started riding mine again!


  2. Merle is adorable, I love her hat!!! And I LOVE that bike, too!

  3. I love the blackbird! I can see a whole line of bird-people coming up - would you say a robin should be kind of mama-like? And a bluejay would be kind of loud and bossy?

  4. Oh those old Schwinn bikes! They're virtually indestructible - god knows, we certainly tried!

  5. What a sweet bird! Love the picture of the clouds too. That's really pretty. And funny about the bike. I had one sort of like that too. I think my MIL still does.