Fiona is an adventurous lass , never more happy than when traipsing about the woods exploring the natural world and pretending to be one of the woodland creatures that she loves so much. She is a bit strong willed but loving and kind with a generous heart, always open to help anyone in need. 

Fiona is a 12 inch tall, one of a kind, cloth doll. She is made from all natural fibers and fabrics over a wire armature, which makes her (gently) posable. Her fingers are completely articulated and her face is hand drawn. She comes with a large wardrobe of co-ordinating pieces including several hand knits. She also has a tiny leaf scarf pin and a gathering basket for collecting any treasures she may find.  SOLD

Fiona's wardrobe and accessories include:
A slip trimmed in vintage lace (that can be also worn as a skirt)
Fox pinafore/sundress with pockets
2 pairs of hand knit socks
2 hand knit sweaters
2 shirts ( one with hand embroidered appliqué)
Hand knit fox hat
Scarf and leaf scarf pin
Black leggings
hand embroidered felt shoes
Gathering basket

Fiona is a one of a kind art doll and while suitable for an older child or adult collector she is not intended for small children because of small parts like buttons and her scarf pin stick.