Thursday, May 27, 2010

Little bits...

As I said before I've been busy with lots of commissions this month so I thought I'd share some with you, my loyal readers. Here's just a few bits of what I've been working on....
Mice Friends

Dorothy, from the movie version.

A Crow Lady in a very jaunty chapeau.

And here's a little one still in the shop that I just took some new photos of...she's so cute I just wanted to share.

Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My New Table

I've been swamped with commission work this month and hence my blogging has suffered greatly. So I thought I'd at least give you a quick post and show off the completed cutting table my very wonderful husband made me. It is perfect for cutting, ironing, and (hopefully one day when I learn more about lighting) taking photos. I love it! The cool marbled paper propped on top was made by a dear friend of mine when I was at her house recently. It was a fantastic accident that occurred because the liquid was too cold...I love how it looks like sliced agates. We're planning on a fabric marbling session when school gets out, I can hardly wait! Oh and the drawing over the table was done by my sister and is one of my all time favorites. (It was supposed to be a loan but she'll probably have to pry it from my shhhh.)

Speaking of commission work, I've decided to make some changes there. From now on I will only accept 3 commissions a month so that I actually have some time to design new dolls ( and play with other arty stuff!). I'm already full for June and July and have 2 for August, so if there is a doll you'd like me to make please plan to let me know a good bit in advance.

And here's a close up of the paper...gorgeous stuff!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Collage Fabric

I've been working on some collage fabric for the past few days. It's an extremely laborious process but, as you can see on my Wood Wife doll above, the results are amazing. Here's the results of many hours of work...

and some close ups...

and this is what the back looks like...

You can see that it's a LOT of sewing. I wish I could show them to you in person because the iridescence and subtleties of color just don't come through in photos. I'm planning on using the white for a White Queen from Alice Through the Looking Glass and the green for a forest fairy. Here are a couple more examples of how I've used it in the past...I save even the tiniest scraps to reuse...or to put in the next batch of fabric I make!

To make the collage fabric: I scatter glitzy yarns, fabric, and other fibers on a piece of satin; place a piece of netting in a matching color on top, pin the cloth and fiber sandwich together, run a few seams over it to hold it in place, take out the pins, and then go crazy sewing all over it with metallic threads using free motion embroidery.