Thursday, April 30, 2009

How does your Garden Grow?

Have you noticed that there just do not seem to be enough hours in the days lately? Or is it just me? I can't seem to keep up with half the things that need to be done. My house is a mess, I'm behind on custom orders, my shop is understocked... but the constant siren song of my garden keeps pulling me away from work and out to play in the dirt. Now I know that the end result will be good for both body (yummy veggies) and soul (lovely flowers), but I still feel slightly like I'm playing hooky every time I give in to the pull. I just love to walk my garden paths drinking in the sunlight and checking on my baby plants or their more established neighbors. It's very healing on some level to connect through a garden. In my heart I know that everything will get done eventually and before long our lovely Spring will turn into the heat and humidity of the southern Summer so I guess I need to take advantage of the time outside while I can.

I have finished another Kitten girl for the shop...I'm loving these!

Go out and enjoy some garden time today!


  1. She looks lovely!

    It's true. Even as the days grow longer, it seems like there's less and less time...

    Unfortunately I cannot have a proper garden at my condo, but I am growing some ferns, cooking herbs and salad greens in containers on my little porch area. It's very relaxing to just sit out there with my little patch of green.

  2. She is sooo sweet! I can see why you're loving them!
    I can relate to feeling behind.It's the story of my life. I worked in the yard all last weekend...and was so sore the next two days I could barely move!
    I think it's good though to get out and enjoy the sunshine before it becomes a steam bath~

  3. You have beautiful raised beds next to your home. I wish that I could have a garden at our apartment. Someday, I think it would be wonderful to have a similar patch like yours. Your garden is very inspiring for me.

  4. I am having the same thing happen, a million things to do, and the garden wins every time...isn't it wonderful?! :)

  5. Your Roses are beautiful and I know what you mean about wanting to be outside.
    I love the sweet little cat girl. So cute!


  6. I adore Kitty girl!!

    And your roses! I would be sneaking away to the garden as well!

  7. hi...i just saw you on yve's blog and took a look at yours. your dolls are wonderful!!!! you might want to peak at my blog as well!