Thursday, May 7, 2009

You could be a Winner!

Good day all. It's been raining for days here but I have a bit of bright news for you. Make your way over to my friend Sara's blog right away for a chance to win some cool stuff including this one of my little leaf pixies!

I've been swamped with commission work but I did get to make a few more felted sweater bunnies who, as you can see, are having a grand time reading about their cousins.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. you are so talented! i just love all your creations!!

  2. OH my Gosh! these are the cutest little bunnies! It makes me want to give them big hugs!
    Happy Hauntings, Gail

  3. I gotta say those bunnies are wonderful. :)

  4. These are very lovely bunnies. I have a black bunny from my childhood that I saved and just gave my daughter. It is just a round ball for a body, no arms and legs. I'll have to send you a picture!