Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spring Bits

I'm feeling particularly muzzy headed today...also a bit muckle-ish know that "I can't settle to anything, droopy, nothing is working" feeling. So I decided to take a break and rummage around the yard seeking a bit of inspiration. And this is what I found.....

A perfect daylily

Lovely Lichens ...I love the word lichen...

and these sweet babies hidden in an overgrown rose bush near the raspberry patch. At first I couldn't figure out why this robin was shrieking at me while I was smelling the roses...but then I saw these cuties. Luckily this one was NOT with me at the time!

Not that she would ever be caught flailing about in a rose bush, for a cat she's amazingly clumsy...but still...she looks dangerous!


  1. Some lovely "Sping Bits" (btw, your editor would like to talk to you)! I can't believe you found those tiny baby birds in a rose bush, and equally glad none of the feral "kids" were with you. So, now that you're refreshed creatively, after just one jaunt around the yard, what's the new doll coming up? A nest of baby birds with daylily bonnets?

    (You should probably smack me, or eat something off of my plate the next time you see me! xoxo)

  2. I love the photos. Your kitty is so cute, does she have a mouse in her paw?

  3. I love your style, and your cat is adorable!

  4. No mouse, just a dried leaf...she wouldn't know what to do with a mouse!