Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome Spring!!

Happy Eostara or Spring Equinox!
I can feel it in the air these days, Spring is creeping her way out in fits and starts. A flash of pastel blossom skirt, a bit of perfume that lingers on the breeze, an ephemeral touch of warmth on your cheek, she's making her way here like a flirty young girl into a crowded dance room. I'm so impatient to see her dance!

In case you were unaware, the the holiday name ‘Easter’ was taken from the name of a Teutonic lunar Goddess, Eostre ..from whom we also get the name of the female hormone, estrogen...what fun! Her chief symbols were the bunny (both for fertility and because her worshipers saw a hare in the full moon) and the egg (symbolic of the cosmic egg of creation). So in the spirit of Eostara and that shy girl, Spring, I give you some more bunny pictures and a little spring pixie...Enjoy!

This brown one's name is Jack. He's divinely soft, made from a felted camel's wool sweater...nummy!

And this is Isabella with her little dolly. They love to have tea parties.

And Milly reading a favorite book about Easter bunnies, a job she aspires to when she grows up. Can you tell I'm having too much fun playing with dolls these days?


  1. Oh, I love Isabella! :-)
    Springtime Blessings,

  2. Her tea cups are the sweetest little dreams of tininess. May your spring bring you many new buds of joy in your life.

  3. Thanks everyone! Sarahlcc, I admit to having a passion for tiny tea sets! I can't seem to resist them! And if anyone hasn't seen Joanna's amazing dolls, they should hurry over and check out her blog today!

  4. I just love your pictures! They are just lovely. :D

  5. Equinox greetings, I love the leatest figures:)

  6. These are so sweet! I will visit your etsy shop! :)

  7. The lovely Spring Maiden is being a typical teenager here and sleeping in...sigh. I don't blame her, I suppose, but I am anxious to dance with her! Thank you for the eye candy. Your lovely Spring creations make the snow on my heart melt. It was good for ME. :o)

  8. I think Milly is my favorite, but it's tough to choose. :)