Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Spring....

I was in the mountains last weekend visiting friends and on Saturday we went wildflower hunting in the woods. A first glance wildflowers seemed to be in short supply, but looking very closely we found lots of these dainty little blossoms.

We looked them up when we got back and they are Rue Anemones. Aren't they lovely? I loved these over the water.

These little moss soldiers were another favorite...

I came home and planted more seeds in the garden in anticipation of the rains this weekend...Yay Spring!


  1. "moss soldiers"...omg I love that! What a perfect description! I have that moss all over my front yard. I keep thinking I'm going to figure out a way to dry it and use it.


  2. Looks like spring is right around the corner for you guys! Beautiful.

  3. beautiful pictures!

  4. Doesn't seem very much like spring here at the moment, but I'll be planting seeds in the garden as soon as the snow melts - peas and sweetpeas.

  5. Beautiful!!! I can't wait to start taking pictures of the wildflowers here in Montana. We're still trying to get out from under all the snow we got. Soon, I hope!