Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Little bit of Witchery

Five Little Witches

Five little witches on a Halloween night
Made a very, very spooky sight.
The first witch danced on her tippy tiptoes.
The second witch tumbled and bumped her nose.
The third witch flew high up in the air.
The fourth witch combed her fuzzy hair.
The fifth witch sang a Halloween song.
Five witches played the whole night long!
- Anonymous

Okay I only have two little witches , but they are very little...

And here's another witch poem, one of my favorites...

Witchcraft was hung, in History,
But History and I
Find all the Witchcraft that we need
Around us, every Day—
- Emily Dickinson


  1. "You've got to pick up every stitch,
    Must be the season of the witch" - Donovan

    Okay, so it's not Emily Dickinson, but it works.

    Love the little witches, especially the one with the candy corn pinafore.

  2. Those are the cutest little witches ever! I love that candy corn fabric.

    I had no idea Emily D. wrote a poem about witches - go figure!

    I got nothing poetic about witches, other than the Wyrd Sisters in Macbeth:

    "by the pricking in my thumbs
    something wicked this way comes."

    And you know the rest probably better than I do.

    PS- when is the sale at the Arboretum?

  3. Thanks all! The poem "witch wife" by Edna St. Vincent Millay is still my all time fav! But I have a few more up my sleeve...:)

  4. Hey! I'm glad you got some more witches up. Those are going to go fast.

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  6. Wow! I just discovered your work and I'm amazed! So creative and such personality to your dolls! I love the hand-painted faces. It's nice to see a new twist on the 'Waldorf' inspired dolls.

  7. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am going to use that poem with my first grade....thank you my dear ;)