Monday, September 29, 2008

Autumn Winds, Fae, and Poetic Ramblings...

Yesterday I saw the wind in his cloak of green and gold,
he looked at me with childish eyes though his face was wrinkled and old.
He called the leaves to dance with him in their dresses of crimson bright,
and they followed behind with maidenly pride in the waning Autumn light.

A bit of verse I wrote when I was 11. I guess I have been seeing fae all my life. And the winds have always been my favorites...

Here's my last Fall fairy for this year...maybe. I actually have one more in mind but as she is a very complicated piece she may not see realization until I have more time. Autumn IS my favorite season, I can't seem to help being drawn to all it's denizens. This is Queen Maeve with her attendant leaf pixies...and a pumpkin...just because!


  1. Wow. She is stunning. I can see that a ton of work went into her. And you wrote that verse when you were 11? Again, wow. :)

  2. Oooh! I love her! Of course I love all of them, but nonetheless, I love her!
    I remember that poem - that was you? It's really quite good for an 11 year old.
    I love fall too - I wake up from the stultified slumber of southern summer and feel as crisp, as sharp as the autumn wind, the apple's crunch, the leaves' crackle underfoot.
    It's grand!
    I'll try to stop by on Monday, on our way home from NY - hopefully I'll have found some decent apples to share.
    (PS I left a message, but tell a certain boy, Happy Birthday for me, and I'll see him on Monday)

  3. This is going to sound redundant but what the heck. I love her! I'm particularly fond of the newer addition of horns. Perhaps Im biased.

  4. Love the lines of your verse and I'm impressed you wrote it when you were 11. Autumn fairy is beautiful!

  5. Enchanting! I've never seen anything so pretty.

  6. She's wonderful, and the poem is enchanting! I love it that you can bring to life the visions you had as a child.

  7. She is so beautiful. I am enchanted with Maeve and your poem.

  8. Nice Blog. I just started one today. I didn't know you were a poet too!! Love the new dollies! We are excited about your visit next month.

  9. wow horns and a pumpkin with little people....LOVE IT!

  10. Sorry I didn't get to meet you in person while I was in NC. I would've loved to have!! Anyway, this doll is absolutely stunning, as are her little friends and the pumpkin. I can't believe you wrote that when you were 11! A great talent.