Thursday, August 26, 2010

WIP Wednesday...sort of

I know it's actually Thursday not Wednesday ... sometimes life gets in the way of the best laid plans. But here at last are the preview pictures of my new Little Red Riding Hood...

I delved into my stock of vintage laces for this much fun! Her apron is going to be made from the large piece on the left which dates back to Victorian times and is an amazing piece of needlework. The lace on her underwear is from the 50's and the tiny cobwebby stuff which will go on her dress, is French but I'm not sure about the time period. I love working with these beautiful old remnants, they're all small with damaged spots so would be unusable for most projects, but can be recycled beautifully into doll clothes and appreciated anew! I'm always on the lookout for old lace so if you find a good piece keep me in mind! :)


  1. I'll keep my eyes open for old lace now that I know someone who can use it.

    she's going to be very cute


  2. Wow - love what I see so far!

  3. I've got some old pieces here somewhere from Pete's mum. I'll see if I can find them for you.

  4. She's really going to be great! You have some lovely finds there! Can't wait to see her finished.

  5. How sweet! She looks lovely - & what a nice use of those bits & pieces!
    A gal who used to have a Tea Room in town is coming to McMinnville (OR) in Sept for a lace presentation! It sounds like a lot of fun - tea & lace history, samples, etc. She's a calligrapher as well, & her tea room was so delightful, with samples of each on the walls!

  6. i love old fabric & notions! she is truly beautiful.