Monday, August 2, 2010

Flutters in the Flowers

My flower garden has been just filled with butterflies and bees lately, sometimes to the point that the flowers vibrate with bees! Now I love to garden but I have to admit that I'm not extremely diligent about the watering and weeding when the weather is hot, so over the years my garden has slowly become full of flowers that will grow no matter how neglected. Luckily this means that its main components are also plants that attract lots of insects of the fluttering and buzzing persuasion; phlox, lantana, salvia, Russian sage, and Rudbeckias. Here's some photos I took one morning out there...

And with all the blooming, I've been using the garden for doll shoots frequently. Here's another gnome-lette...

And a Gnomeling...

Both hanging out with the black-eyed Susans!


  1. Love the dolls and your flowers are so pretty! Our new apartment has the prettiest gardens, I can't wait to photograph them.

  2. Your garden is georgeous, and so is your gnome-lette! (love that name, makes me smile)

  3. Gorgeous fotos! What camera are you using?

  4. Thanks Ulla! I'm using a very old Canon Power Shot digital camera, and most of these were taken with the macro on.

  5. She's precious. Her face is perfect and I love her spotted collar.