Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tiny and Then More Tiny

There is something in me that loves tiny. I'm not sure what exactly in my history leads me to be drawn to the minuscule but it never fails to attract me. I have a collection of tiny German paper mache animals that I just love, I also have a thing for teeny little tea sets, and then of course there are dolls. I have always loved dollhouse sized dolls and I'm pretty sure that's why I love to make them ...duh right? But also, every time I design a new doll , I get it finished and start thinking of ways I can make it smaller. And that's what I've done with my gnomeling dolls. So let me introduce you to my newest creation...a tiny Gnomeling...a Gnomelette!

And here's the Gnomelette with a Gnomeling for comparison...

You can find the new doll in my shop ... more soon!


  1. they look so sweet togehter!! well done making a doll so tiny and jet with so many details.

  2. Your dolls are stunning....i love looking at them.

  3. I've collected miniatures my entire life, and still do. Your gnomelette is very very tempting....