Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thanks and A Bit of Work

Wow...the responses to my last blog post were simply amazing! My inner word geek was thrilled ...of course now her head is so swollen that she may pop back in here at any time so you are all forewarned. But seriously I'm thrilled that so many of you stopped to read and comment and help give the word "craft" the respect that it deserves. Hugs and kisses all around!

I actually did manage to get a bit of work done last week, even a couple of projects...in keeping with my resolution for the year, heretofore known as the NYR because ...well for no good reason except I get tired of typing it all out and acronyms seem to be all the rage. Anyway there were two NYR projects completed. I made a postcard to send to the swap that the Cloth Paper Scissors magazine is running this month...


and I finally got around to playing with a paperclay head. I've been wanting to make a little fox maiden for awhile...I don't know why, it just was floating around in the back of my mind and this seemed to be the medium and the time. I Love how she came out! That tail took forever, each piece crocheted and locked in, but thankfully there was a fascinating episode of The Splendid Table on the radio at the time to keep me occupied. I'll definitely need to make more but this one is MINE ALL MINE!

for blog

And lastly I made a few flower fairies and this little gardener for the shop...Can you tell I'm ready for Spring!? We're on the third day of no school because of snow and ice, very unusual for this area, and I'm ready for it to go away. Yesterday was Inbolc so, YES!, we're half way there!

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

And for those who might be interested, I now have a Twitter account . I'm still trying to figure things out but it looks like fun so far!


  1. Oh! I love the fox maiden. She is Fabulous!!!
    And the card is a treasure for a lucky person! Wonderful all.

  2. hello! i just read your wonderful comment on my blog and replied back to you :)

  3. Oh, this fox is soooo cute! The little girl is very cute too.


  4. That fox really turned out well. Gotta go find you on Twitter now. :)

  5. Great job on the Fox!

    Letting you know you've got an Award waiting for ya :) Drop on in and pick it up whenever you get the time!

  6. Your fox creatio is sooo cute, i can see why you want to keep her. I am on twitter but i keep forgetting to use it! so much else to do.x

  7. Sweet works from you as always.
    I stopped by to say "hi" and let you know I'm ending my blog, but I do promise to stay in touch now and then.
    Happy looking-to-spring days! :)

  8. did i mention how adorable your fox maiden is? well, she is..

    also, i got your second reply on my blog, and if you don't mind, i would love to talk to you more about GERD and all that 'fun' stuff. I have a few questions and so forth, so my email is hellosparrow at gmail dot com...

    thank you:)