Friday, February 26, 2010

Art with Friends

Lately I've been doing some art with friends or, thanks to Kristen, "social crafting"...I love that term! It's a great way to spend some time learning (or teaching) a new skill while hanging out with friends for some fun. It's also been a way to keep my new years resolution to spend some time each week doing art just because I want to! Last Friday a friend and I got together to try our hands at some needlefelting. As we were pretty much completely new to the craft, we started by buying a couple of kits from Woolpets on Etsy. They were everything you could possibly want in a new craft experience; lots of supplies, great instructions,...and she shipped them incredibly fast! I highly recommend her shop if you're as new to this as we were, it rocks!

So we sat down and started to felt and had a marvelous time! Eventually our husbands arrived bearing wine and appetizers to cheer us on at our play. It was great and the finished products were very satisfying. I had ordered a Polar bear kit as I want to eventually make an East of the Sun, West of the Moon set of dolls. Here's a couple shots of the finished product:

Isn't he great?! Everything you could want in a Polar Bear. And my friend made a kitty. Here's hers;
Total cuteness!
I've also gotten a group of friends together that meets every couple of weeks to craft ( I had mentioned I was thinking about doing this in my previous post...rant...on the word "craft") and so far it's been terrific fun. I've been teaching them to knit, which is actually pretty hilarious since I'm a mediocre knitter at best, but none of the rest of them can knit at all so, by default, I'm teaching! Whee!

Have you tried your hand at social crafting lately? If so, tell me about it, and if you haven't, give it a try! See you next month...Spring is almost here!


  1. That polar bear turned out great! i love needlefelting!
    I used to be part of a group that met once a month to craft together. Unfortunately it died. Sniff!

  2. That's a great idea. I actually love learning from kits. Needlefelting makes a great project that can be finished in one afternoon or evening.

  3. They both turned out so cute ;~)

    I've just started needle felting myself and it is so much fun! Current project is felting through a stencil onto a felt square for maybe a future purse or pouch. If you haven't tried it yet... it's pretty cool.
    Just had a thought! Would make a great addition to one of your doll dresses! OoooOoooooo

    And lucky you on the 'social crafting' ~whining now~ I've been hollering at my friends about doing the same but they just aren't into crafting as much as
    I am :(

    Have a Lovely Weekend,

  4. Wish I could join in - I so want to learn to knit! I love the polar bear and kitty - very sweet!

  5. Social crafting is an amazing idea and one I may well put to a few friends :) Thanks for the tip and the polar bear and kitty are gorgeous. I totally love needle felting and find it very calming.

  6. I have ordered before at woolpets and the kits are just superb!

    Last Saturday I did a crafty meeting with 2 other girls and it was so much fun. We even went to a Pechga Kucha night! To get some new inspiration. Much better then sitting and crafting alone for sure!! You must see if it is also in your area.

  7. Oh I LOVE THESE!! Thank you for posting their pictures, which are heart-grabbing.

    Love your faeries too. They fascinate me. Please check out (they should have it in the library) my new book Toad Cottages & Shooting Stars. In it I have faerie gardens, faerie furniture, and faerie mailboxes. I just needed one of your creations to make it well rounded.

    Keep up your wonderful creating.

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

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  9. Beautiful feltings! Wish I could join your group too! I can't find any time to make things these days on my own, maybe being part of a group would get me started again...! :)

  10. I adore your polar bear. It's so fun to create with a friend. I love it. Beth

  11. yay, i think this is a fab idea, just last sunday, i got together with members of my extended family & whad a candle making day. so much fun & such laughter. I should like to do more "social" crafting, as it can get a wee bit lonely working in the studio by myself all the time. I looove your polar bear x