Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ta Da! The Answer!

And the correct answer was Crow woman legs...but bird legs will do as well. :) So these
became this Crow Woman.

Crow Woman

Isn't she lovely in all her feathery glamor? I'm making her my entry for the ADO Burlesque Challenge because I love the way crows like to strut and show off; they seem the perfect candidates for a burlesque show; loud, boisterous, teasing, and full of fun...and lets not forget those iridescent feathers!
I also finished a new Gnomeling child this week...and hopefully I'll have another done soon. My aren't we being productive?!



  1. Oh she is so glamorous! She should definitely win the Burlesque contest! Love it!Strut your stuff honey.

  2. What a fabulous inspiration for a burlesque contest! Brilliant.

  3. i shall never look at crows in the same way again, and they will always make me smile in their burlesque stances lol ! Your gnomeling is a sweetie, she has the ame colour hair as one of my lassies x

  4. What a puppet . A Crow Woman - very very good! I love her! Tinki