Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I made up a few star ornaments for the shop. I'm almost out of my collage fabric now so it looks like these might be the last for a bit.

Fabric Stars

To make the collage fabric: I scatter glitzy yarns, fabric, and other fibers on a piece of satin; place a piece of netting in a matching color on top, pin the cloth and fiber sandwich together, run a few seams over it to hold it in place, take out the pins, and then go crazy sewing all over it with metallic threads using free motion embroidery. The finished material is incredible! But it is very time consuming to make so it may be awhile before I can launch into making more.

And despite the fact that I don't have much free time, I still decided to make a pot scrubber with recycled net bag "yarn" . I saw the idea here and thought "I can do that!" ....Ha! Crocheting the stuff was practically impossible...and the endeavor involved way too much bad I put the project away for awhile to let it "percolate". Finally I realized's the hook that's the problem, it catches in the little square holes! From this realization it was a small step to the idea of knitting the thing instead. Pretty neat way to recycle those bags...

Yeah, it's a little wonky in shape...but it is my first attempt so be kind.:)


  1. wow , that stuff looks hard to work with on the pot scrubber! the stars are so pretty and sparkly, and your new tags are sweet!

  2. HA! Don't knock wonky. Wonky is the new black.

  3. Sorry to have missed your recent house show. Please let us know your upcoming venues! Love the holiday themed purses.

    Drumroll for our local Greensboro artists!

  4. Great star ornaments! Thanks for sharing 'em! I posted a link on one of my blogs to your site.