Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Winter Beauty

   I've begun the year by taking a woodland hike at a local trail to fulfill my intention to get out into nature more often. Greensboro has an astonishing number of hiking trails around the lakes that are our water supply, but there are other hidden gems about the city as well. This trail was near a library and school at the edge of town and was one we had never tried before. It was a lovely walk and we saw so many examples of nature's subtle winter beauty along the way.

Wild Rose Hips

Ethereal Milkweed Seeds

All kinds of dry grasses and seeds

The corked branches of young Sweetgum Trees

And of course all the various Lichens

This first walk was so much fun and, as you can see, full of winter delights! 

We followed it up this past weekend with a walk at the beautiful, old, BIG cemetery that is near our house. It's a fascinating place with an incredible amount of trees and plants that are not usually found in this part of the world, many of them (thankfully!) marked with tags for those wandering amateur botanists like ourselves. Next time we go I'll have to bring my camera so I can get some photos.

In the meantime I've also finally gotten back into the studio. (YAY!) The first order of business was to make some wings. That's almost always where I start with dolls, especially the little ones because I need a finished set of wings early in the process for them. These wings will be for a couple of Valentine pixies and I have pin dolls and a couple of ghastliness on the table as well. "Ghastlies for Valentines?" you might gasp. I would answer in my best Count Dracula voice, "But ov course, bwahaha!"

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