Saturday, July 18, 2015


Hi there folks! It's been incredibly hot here lately but thankfully the studio is off the basement and oh so nice and cool! I've been working hard on a couple of new dolls, one for the Cult of the Doll project that I can't show you (sorry, no spoilers!) and the other a doll with removable clothing. Meet Miss Mia!

So far she has a petticoat, some lacy drawers, an embroidered & pintucked dress, a pinafore, embroidered felt shoes, and hand knit socks, sweater, and hat! Quite a wardrobe, but I plan on making her a few more items before she finds a new home. I admit to having so much fun playing with her little outfits. Such fun!!

This is her first sock...I'm making some new ones on smaller needles..size 00! Note her toenails...tiny toes!

                               Her hair is kind of wild but it really seems to suit her!

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