Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Blueberry Summer or How Doll Ideas are Born

I've been working on a bunny doll for my sister and she specifically requested I use this blueberry fabric. 

 At the same time I've been knitting a shawlette out of this yarn. Malabrigo, Rios, Zarzamora if anybody's interested. I adore Rios yarn; so soft, so beautiful, so luscious...sigh...but I digress.

So I was looking at them together and thought...perfect match...and a sweater for the bunny was born.

But then I had a ridiculously strong craving for blueberry pie and a craving that strong needs to be fulfilled! Besides...PIE!! So I made this, Gluten free of course.

Then I started thinking how cute it would be to make a tiny sweater for a doll and a doll with clothes that you could change and I have some of that fabric and yarn left and...well...I think I know what my next doll is going to be! I'm feeling very excited about it so stay tuned!


  1. Whenever I see your posts, I wish that I had more whimsy in my work. I'm so serious with my sculpture. Your dolls are just plain fun and fanciful and fabulous!