Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Hauntings

  Meet Eliza and Marley. One day Eliza was at the cemetery with her mum and dad and all her brothers and sisters... it's a very large family but she is the youngest and, according to the rest of them, the most under foot. Eliza didn't understand why they were all being so sad and boring, something to do with granny going to Heaven, which didn't sound all that sad to her, so she wandered off to explore some of the little stone houses that were scattered about, they were just her size! She found a very small and overgrown one in an older part of the graveyard and in it she found Marley...well just his head...but he asked her to put him in her pocket and take him home, so she did! Who wouldn't want a doll that can talk? She made him a little body and hat from an old nightgown and keeps him with her all the time. Funny thing is, no one else seems to hear him or to notice that she has a new doll, but then they never did pay that much attention to Eliza except to shoo her out of the way...and now that everyone has been getting so ill and more of them are going to stay with granny in Heaven...well she and Marley are pretty much able to do whatever they want and Marley has LOTS of ideas...

You can find Eliza and Marley in my shop....if you dare! 

Happy Hauntings...and if you have hauntings posted today, do please share them in the comments!


  1. Oh wow! I love this. Marley is such a wickedly fun face and I love how the story has the small child's perspective just right!