Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Autumn Dolls

It's Autumn here at the Nest...well not really but the fairies being made are certainly trending that way! I just added 3 leaf pixies, 2 small witches and a larger Samhain fairy to the shop. Here's what you'll find!

I love the completely different expressions in these 2 photos...same doll just different angles. This is Jinx, the Samhain fairy who keeps the gates of Fairyland open on that special night. She's a bit young for the job but very determined to get it right.

and here are the other new little folks in the Nest...

 I hope you enjoy this taste of cant come soon enough for me! :)


  1. Your work is so very, very sweet. I really love your dollies :)

  2. Seeing your dolls always makes my eyes and heart happy. And I needed a bit of that right now as fall and our long rainy gloomy winter season approaches.