Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Still in the Dark..

A few more girls from the dark side this week...though I promise something a bit lighter next time. First up meet Miss Delilah Wintershorn...known as Lila to her friends both living and undead. She does wish she had more living friends, but sometimes she just gets SO hungry...

 And next is Katherine. She's been feeling very strange lately. Perhaps it's because of the nightmares...all knives and teeth and blood... they always leave her So tired. Maybe it's because all her friends have slowly begun disappearing... leaving her feeling very...well.. Angry! All she knows is that it started about the time she found her new dolly...the one whose dress is always stained no matter how much she washes it.

Both of these interesting ladies can be found in my shop ...along with some lighter fae folk like this little witch.

See I haven't gone totally to the dark side....yet.


  1. I really love Lila and all the rest as well:) Would it be rude of me to ask what type of fiber you use for your doll hair? I understand if you don't want to give away any secrets:)

  2. Thanks Mary Anne! No secrets:) I use different fibers for different dolls. Lila's hair is a mix of two boucle yarns, one mohair wool and the other micro fiber. Katherine's hair is made of Teesdale locks and the tiny witch also has boucle mohair yarn. I collect lots of different fibers to use for hair and then see which ones will fit the doll's design.

  3. Those dark dolls are pretty nevertheless! I really love how you draw their eyes, and your stitching is so neat! I bet you are just in mood for Halloween already :)