Sunday, June 17, 2012

Friends in the Digital Age

The internet has brought some amazing changes to my life, the ease and wonder of running an online business was something that at one time I could never have imagined, but I have to say that I am most surprised at the wonderful friends that I've managed to find in the online world. Who would have thought you could meet remarkable people from all over the globe and manage to have so much in common?!  I've found folks that I talk and joke with on a daily basis who are fellow doll artists, doll lovers,  photographers, illustrators, scientists, and writers...lots of writers! It really has been one of the most wonderful surprises of doing daily business with the Web.

One of these people is doll artist, Natasha Morgan. I talk to Natasha (and her funny husband Cris...Hi Cris!) who live in Wales, on an almost daily basis through the magic of Twitter... and we have a marvelous time discussing all sorts of things, they are truly kindred spirits. In addition to being fun to talk to, Natasha makes amazing and oh so original dolls. Check out her Hester and Pearl from The Scarlet Letter...

 And here are her Darcy and Elizabeth...

 They are just so fabulous! All of her characters have long, carefully researched back stories and she puts an amazing amount of detail into each doll's costume, everything historically correct right down to the underclothes! Here's her shop...go check it out...I'll wait...

Recently Natasha made some tiny peg dolls for her shop that I fell in love know me, huge fan of all things tiny, especially tiny dolls. You saw the peg dolls in her shop right? No? Go look here.  When I told her how much I liked them...she sent me one!!! I got this lovely package in the mail...

and inside was this wonderful lady...
Isn't she marvelous? I simply love her. Thank you Natasha, you are the best! (I'll have to make a suitably wonderful doll to send back, won't I? ) The internet is truly a fabulous beast.

And what have I been doing with my time, you may is June already! How the heck did that happen? Here's a few dolls that I've finished lately...


 A Blue Fairy

A Summer Fairy

Speaking of summer it is right around the corner! We have had the most lovely Spring and my garden is full of flowers so I'll leave you with a shot of those...and wish you joy in your friends, wherever you may find them!


  1. Your so lovely Cyn. I've no idea how or why you were thrown in my path, but I'll always be so grateful you were :)
    Now I'm off to have a tear and blush a lot because I really don't deserve the lovely things you've said. Hope Mary is behaving herself :)

  2. And... Your garden looks amazing!
    I'm so jealous. mine is full of weeds.

  3. Your dolls are amazing! I am glad I have found your blog and if you don't object, I will post about you and your craft in my blog. I can't resist and want to share these beautiful dolls with the world! Never seen anything like this before :) Thanks.

  4. Oh, yes, I love Natasha's dolls and I really like to see the love and care she puts into their fabulous historically accurate clothes. I really didn't know she did peg dolls, though. You're right! They're really lovely! What a sweet thing for her to do!