Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rapunzel Rapunzel...

I finished up a Rapunzel doll this weekend...Oh my that hair, it took forever to braid!...and I thought I'd share her with you and maybe a few tidbits about her tale.

Rapunzel's story is very much like that of Red Riding Hood's in how it's been changed over the years. The early versions have a couple of especially notable differences. In several Rapunzel relationship with the Prince is discovered by the witch through the tightening of her gown due to pregnancy and not through the slip of the tongue  "why are you so much heavier than the Prince" of the Grimm's version .

 Also in the earlier Italian "Petrosinella" the long haired maiden manages her own escape, not waiting for disaster, because she's a much more intelligent character than Grimm's Rapunzel. It's amazing to me how that seems to happen to many of the famous fairy tale heroines.

If you find the history of fairy tales as fascinating as I do, then I highly recommend the Sur La Lune website. It's my go to source for all things fairy tale!

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