Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bunnies Large and Small

...also real and pretend! I've been busy getting a few little bunnies finished this week and yesterday I took them outside for a quick group photo.

And look who came to visit!

 Do you think he was giving them a look over for authenticity? He sat there for several minutes, stock still only the nose moving, twitching incessantly.

The bunnies will be loaded into my shop today at noon EST...I hope they passed inspection!


  1. Your rabbits are so sweet:)

    We get wild rabbits too...last year we even had baby bunnies running around.

  2. live bunny authentication!! how cool is that?

  3. Oh! Oh! These are the most gorgeous little things!

  4. Wait, they all sold? ALL of them? *sobs* Will you be doing any more?

  5. Thanks Rhissanna! They are all sold, bunnies go quickly! I'm not sure when I'll be making more, but at the moment I am still open for commissions.