Friday, April 16, 2010

The Mysterious Mushroom

Today's topic for Fairy Tale Finds is not a specific tale but a denizen of many an enchanted forest, the mushroom. The prince picks some on his travels through the wood, fairies dance wildly in their circles at night, the Caterpillar perches on top smoking his hookah, and the wicked witch places them carefully in her boiling cauldron. You know they are magic...
First a bit of is after all national poetry month...

The Wild Mushroom by Carissa Bielamowicz

The Fern,
With its green fingers
of lace
and lilac
With its heavy lavender tresses
Are held above you-
The ugly duckling cousin
Who hides among
Fallen leaves
Or peeks out humbly
From beneath the
Tree trunk's shadow.
Yet not scorned by all
Is the wild mushroom...
Who has been
Chosen by fairies
Who dance in moonlit circles,
And riddle-weaving
Caterpillar of Wonderland
As his throne.

And now the finds...
How about a bit of enchantment you can keep on your desk?

Red Mushroom Garden from Wandering Lydia

Or if you prefer, you can wear this tee and take the enchantment wherever you go!

Mushrooms of the World Tee by Critter Jitters.

I love these sachets made from a gorgeous linen with their subtle print.

Spring Balsam Sachets from Sewn Natural

You could even stick your shopping list on the fridge with some...

Mushroom Magnet Set from Track and Field
And lastly, because I am such a sucker for gorgeous toys...I'll never grow are a couple of fun mushroom toys from fellow members of the Natural Kids Team...I love these!

A sweet bendy doll from Princess Nimble Thimble with wooden mushrooms from The Enchanted Cupboard.

And a lovely wooden set of hedgehogs and mushrooms from Imagination Kids.
And don't forget that many of the Natural Kids team (including these shops!) are having sales this week. You can find the complete list here.


  1. i adore mushrooms as well. there is something magical and whimsical about them - and they are oh so tasty.

  2. I love them too! We are always so delighted when a few pop up in our garden (doesn't happen too often in the desert though!). I wish magnets would stick to our fridge, thoses are too cute!

  3. Such a soft spot for these mushrooms... thanks for including ours!

  4. Sweet post fairies nest! Such lovely little items!

  5. I love your fairy tale themed Fridays. I know I will be a steady reader.... All the mushroom finds
    are gorgeous!!

    Oh... and thank you so much for the visit to my blog and the wonderful suggestion of "Three Wishes" to add the woodcutter's story! :)

  6. love mushrooms, can't get enough!

  7. Great selection of mushrooms! Love them all...

  8. I'm wild about the mushroom t-shirt!

  9. Aren't they wonderful?! I love the magnets and Danielle's doll, actually, I just love all of it!

  10. LOVE all the mushrooms!!

    happy earth day!

  11. How cute! I love the pillows - they are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing :O)

  12. Mushrooms are even more popular this year, with the new alice movie. I even did some mushroom jewelry, but not related to the movie.

  13. That t-shirt is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Princess nimble thimble is adorable. And I love her mushroom furniture!