Sunday, July 12, 2009

A New Kitchen and a New Doll

I've been so crazy busy getting ready for the homeshow next weekend that I've been neglecting my blog terribly! But I've finally had a chance to take some pictures of the kitchen remodel and here they are! You can see the "before" shots here.

I am SO loving the new counter tops that I may be in danger of polishing them a bit too much...

The whole remodel came together so quickly that it was really amazing and I am SO happy with the results that I've been cooking up a storm ever since! I made 11 batches of pesto, a big pitcher of gazpacho and a yummy Mediterranean eggplant and orzo salad yesterday morning and made a big ole was great! (Actually my hubby made the gazpacho... to give credit where it is so richly due.) Of course just minutes after I took these pictures my husband went to open the basement door and the handle fell off in his hand...with an old house remodeling is always an ongoing project.

I've also managed to get my doll for the ADO Elements challenge finished, something I seriously felt was not going to happen! I can't post full pictures of her until Friday but I will give you a little sneak peek...can you guess which element she represents?

Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. Love the new kitchen, could she be water? She is gorgeous

  2. I love your new kitchen! looks amazing - I'd love to see more of your house - especially as you mentioned it was old. I loved renovating houses in England, they are such a different style to that of America though.
    Your doll looks superb too - ahe has a lovely face. Look forward to seeing more.

  3. Wow that was a fast remodel! And it looks fantastic!!

    Your new fairy is lovely, just looking at her is peaceful ... I can hear my fountain trickling through my back door right now so sight and sound are just right together...thank you :)

  4. ohhh, I love your kitchen...I am so jealous! What gorgeous colors and counter top. And your new doll is a sweetie ~ just beautiful!

  5. Your kitchen is just beautiful, and so cozy!

    Lovely sweet faced doll, I'll guess water as she seems like a water nymph to me!

  6. What a difference! I bet you are happy with the result. My kitchen re-model a few years ago took months, but only because it was an almost whole-house job!

    I think your elemental could be air (wings?) but the dragonfly throws in a bit of a red herring.
    Guess I'll have to wait until the weekend!

  7. Your new kitchen is gorgeous! Lucky you!
    And I love your new elemental piece! I can't wait to see the rest of her!

  8. Beautiful kitchen, beautiful doll.

  9. Just LOVE your new kitchen! And your doll too...has to be water.

  10. I just love your kitchen decoration!! It is looking gorgeous!! New and shiny counter tops are too nice!!