Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Little Bit of Silliness

I know, 2 blogs in one week...what kind of crazy is that!? And I'm procrastinating big time because I'm in the middle of a commission that is driving me nuts. ( Note to self: NEVER agree to make a fairy in a tuxedo again!!) But I had to share these guys with you.

Aren't they a hoot? I made them this week...procrastinating yet again...from a hideous wool sweater that I felted...and the felt is lovely. Silk purse from sow's ear scenario...or silly Bunkins from ugly sweater as the case may be. I've listed two of them in the shop already. ..go look 'cause they have the cutest fluffy pink tails too. Wait, they need a collective about a boodle of Bunkins?
Now back to work! Aw do I have to... Yes, right now!
(I fuss at my self frequently. What, you don't?!)


  1. I love 'em! They're like little smiling gloves for hands flashing peace signs!

  2. A Boodle of Bun-kins - perfect name!

    It's the faces on them - they remind me of something Maurice Sendak would draw, only fuzzy!

    A fairy in a tuxedo isn't really a fairy anymore - I'm having a hard time seeing it myself.

  3. Can you say boodle of bunkins five times fast? I can't (and yes, I just tried - sitting at my desk at work muttering boodle of bunkins quickly under my breath - oh yeah, she's lost it!).

    Any hooo, very very cute, and yes the do look like little bunny peace fingers! As for procrastinating, I only WISH my brand of procrastinating was even remotely as productive as yours. *sigh*.

  4. Those are a RIOT! I love them.

  5. These are the different have me thinking about Easter. Thanks for the inspiration.