Monday, February 2, 2009

"...and for breakfast, I'm makin' waffles!"

Happy Imbolic everyone! Yesterday was Sunday...a laid back, nothing on the agenda kind of day, so I made waffles for breakfast...awesome ,whole grain, packed to the gills with nutrition and still super yummy, waffles. And of course if you're making waffles you have to have a waffle iron....and do I have a waffle iron...

I bought it 25 years ago at a sale up the street from the house that my husband and I had just bought; our first, non apartment home. Two older women were moving to a retirement home and having a house sale to clear out some of the items they no longer needed. They were such sweet ladies, so tiny and frail, like antique china. I remember seeing it on a table with unmatched dishes and a few stray glasses, in all its cast iron, cloth covered electric cord, shiny as a new car exterior, $5.00 price tag(!!!!), glory ...and it was love at first sight. Here was an appliance that was meant to feed a family and even though I was childless at the time, it conjured up bountiful Sunday breakfasts with a table full of sweet little hungry faces. We were made for each other, both of us longing for a family to feed. And for 25 years, on those perfectly laid back Sundays, I pull out my old friend and we make waffles for my family.

Neither of us are quite as shiny as we used to be, but for two old gals we're doing well!

Look how many waffles we can make at once!

I made a double batch so we would have some to freeze and eat during the week. Okay, I know there is a corkscrew next to the bowl but that's from Saturday night and we are not having wine with breakfast....well not this time anyway...


and not so little any more but still enjoying waffles.....

And if you're interested in entering the "gift away" for a valentine spice girl you have until Feb. 9th to sign up. Just post in the comments in this link.


  1. That looks just like the iron my dad used to use on Sunday mornings. For all these years I've thought it was just our family tradition because non of my friends had homemade waffles except at our house! Thanks for sharing your old reliable iron in all it's glory. Far nicer than the plastic one I picked up when I left home (in an attempt to keep the tradition alive).

  2. I am enormously fond of waffles made on a proper cast iron waffle iron! Needless to say I am salivating over more than just your yummular breakfast! And only 5 bucks??? By Grapthar's Hammer, what a savings!

  3. I have an old Belgian waffler that came from the early years of my parents' marriage - late 40's. Ah, the golden era (or slightly tarnished chrome) of wafflers. Plus another Max blog sighting! Hooray! Perhaps we'll have to mix in a waffle or two with the cheese grits next time. What goes good with that combo - a dry chardonnay?

  4. Oh, I haven't seen a waffle iron like that in years. My grandma had one. Those look Gooooood. :P

  5. yes! i still have and use that waffle maker from my childhood! makes for a delightful morning meal.

  6. Our waffle iron looks pretty similar to yous, and we've had it for decades.
    Sometimes my spouse makes waffles for dinner. Instead of being sweet, they have cheese and spices such as cayenne pepper in them. That may sound strange, but they are really really popular.

  7. I know someone here who covets your waffle iron! Breakfast looks yummy - I'll take mine with lots of syrup and butt widening butter! (is there any other kind?).

    I loved the story of how you found it.

  8. Go here for some good, clean waffle fun.