Monday, August 25, 2008

...And here it is!!

Well to start I have to show off this little fellow that I just finished. I was so inspired by the fauns some of the other members of the NaturalKids team made that I had to make my own. This is Timothy Tumnus, great, great, great, great grandson of the famous Mr. Tumnous of Narnia legend. I'm so pleased with how he turned out, he's just so sweet.

And then I thought you might like to see the results of last week's insane remodeling effort. Do I love the new furniture? Oh Hell Yes!! It is so awesome to have a Queen sized bed that I can hardly believe it...and matching furniture? Incredible.

The new guest room is finished, walls painted and furniture moved in. I think it looks pretty inviting!

So now I'm heading into the studio to try and get some serious work done! All kinds of shows are just around the corner. (She said, with a slight edge of panic in her voice!) Stay tuned, I should have some witches to show you soon....


  1. he is gorgeous:) I love your rooms also, can't wait to see witches:)

  2. Oh, I do like the way he came out. Very cute! The rooms? The rooms are fabulous! So, when are you coming to my house to paint and redecorate? Hmmmmm? :)

  3. The new furniture looks great, and the guest room looks very inviting - hmmmm!

    How cute is that little faun? I love the fabric you used for his furry little legs - he's wonderfully wooly!

  4. I used some more of that fabulous sweater felt I made! I love that stuff!

  5. I love your faun! I want him!! :0) He is adorable!
    Your house looks beautiful! I have always wanted hard wood floors...maybe someday! :0)

  6. He is the sweetest ever!

    Your new room looks great :) all that hard work paid off.. and no you aren't the only one who does crazy redos like that ;)

  7. Your new room is GORGEOUS! When can I move in?

    I can have the little faun sit on my bed..

    Seriously, all kidding aside awesome work all the way around. Again.

  8. I see your creative magic works with everything you do, beautiful rooms, and the faun is wonderful!

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