Monday, June 16, 2008

Pippi and more word geekery

I apologize for not having the rest of the doll tutorial up yet, it's been very hectic here at the Nest since school got out for summer. We have an exchange student from France who has just arrived and we've been busy getting him acclimated and I'm trying to get ready for my upcoming big summer show, but I've gotten the pictures taken so I should be able to get the tutorial up the next time I have a bit longer free moment. In the meantime I leave you with Pippi, of Longstocking fame, arms akimbo. Isn't "akimbo" a great word?!


  1. OMG she's fabulous! I love the gravity defying braids.

    Im going to find a way use 'akimbo' at least 3 times today. It's just that much fun to say.

    (oooh, and I can't wait for Christmas in July)

  2. Your dolls just keep getting better and better :)
    And yes! Akimbo has got to be up there with oublitte and onomatopia.

  3. ahem..........i meant oubliette.

  4. she is so amazing . I love it.

  5. she is fantastic :)