Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Crows, Tags, and other Oddities

You may have noticed that there's been a lack of dolls in my recent blog posts...and the truth is I've been going through a severe slump in my doll making lately. Now I know that I'm my own worst critic, sort of goes with the whole oc perfectionism thing, but I really haven't been at all happy with the last few dolls I've made. The finished product just hasn't matched the image in my head. This always happens to some extent, because I swear they take on a life of their own as I make them, but the last few have just gone completely catawumpus. Until yesterday...

Yesterday I finally finished a doll that I really liked...and there was much rejoicing! So here are Lizbeth and Dante...

These two are a good example of a doll taking over in a good way...I was actually going to give her a cat to hold, and even had it all cut out, when I realized that what she really needed, and indeed wanted, was a crow. Now I, a known crow lover, was certainly not going to argue with her about this notion...besides arguing with a doll never gets you anywhere, they won't argue back and if you're heard people think you're crazy so the doll always wins... Of course it meant I had to figure out a pattern for a crow but even that went surprisingly quickly and before I knew it, there was Dante! And if you'd like, you can find more pictures in my shop.

In other news I have been tagged AGAIN!! This time by Woolies, a fellow Estian who makes beautiful knit animals and lovely pendants. I'm thinking that by this point there is very little left to tell about me but I'll try...
1. My favorite colors are green and red, both in jewel tones.
2. I have major stomach issues and can't eat lots of things...in a perfect world this should mean that I am skinny but alas...not.
3. I am not a fan of summer. This is probably because I live in the South where summer is hot, humid and oppressive, but could also be because I look better in winter clothes...
4. I live with all guys so there are very few bodily function jokes that I have not heard...and newsflash guys, they're REALLY not that funny!
5.I am deathly afraid of vampires...okay so they're not real, I still don't like them. Ask my sister about a traumatic movie experience in the 70's.
6. I don't ever pass on tags. I am always the weak link in these things!

Please NO MORE TAGS...or at least come up with a new one!

So that wraps up another exciting post from the doll front...hopefully things are now back on track and The Fairies' Nest will be seeing lots more new characters in the days to come.


  1. What a beautiful blog!

    Tag your it! Check out my latest blog for details!-Hyla

  2. I love your new doll - love the crow. I had two gigantic ravens outside my house all morning - making all kinds of noise. They were HUGE!
    Sorry to tag you, didn't know you weren't a fan, but it's fun to read about people!

  3. She is wonderful! I love that she has her own crow.

    Sometimes when I'm going through a self-critical slump, I go back to making quick little pieces. That helps me work back up to other things.

  4. Woolies, I didn't mind the tag from you! I think that people know all they need to about me for now though! ;)

  5. Fairiesnest I can completely relate to your creative slump at the moment, but I must say I am continually awed by your beautiful work! And Lizbeth and Dante? Superb!

  6. Ok,a few things for the record:
    FYI for those of you who can't see her, she IS skinny (shut up, you are!)

    Lizbeth and Dante are fabulous! She looks like she should be heading off to Hogwarts in the fall.

    Summer here IS the pitts, I feel your pain, and ditto on the winter clothes. I love a thick nummy sweater, *sniff* Im going to miss them terribly.

  7. Oh she is really something special! Of course I think all of your dolls are, but I do understand going through slumps!

    The crow is a wonderful companion for her, I love it when pieces speak so clearly to you!

  8. your work is amazing! she is beautiful!

  9. Such a beautiful doll! I love your blog, it always makes me smile and the new banner pic really makes me feel all springlike.
    Happy Monday!

  10. Oh! This is my doll! Mine! Everybody else just back the hell away - she's mine!

    Hmmm, would you be referring to "The House of Dark Shadows" by any chance? I just want to say:
    if Mickey Armstrong hadn't insisted I go to the bathroom with her right in the middle of a highly dramatic scene; made me get out of the secure sanctity of my theatre seat, dragged me up the aisle, still watching the film, I would NEVER have screamed when Barnabas Collins bit Caroline's neck. I do understand that it made an otherwise ho-hum vampire movie far more exciting!!!