Sunday, January 6, 2008

knit a kit-ty

I always seem to catch the knitting bug over the winter. It usually starts right before Christmas with the insane desire to knit Christmas presents..this is insane because I'm a slow knitter at best but I will plunge in irregardless. And then I always choose a pattern that is much more difficult than my skills, just to keep things interesting. Hey do I know how to have fun or what!? So this year I knit several teddy bears and then started a kitty from one of Fuzzy Mitten's extra cute patterns. All was going well at first and then I hit a snag... the dreaded p2 tog tbl ...what the heck?! This turned out to be the most difficult stitch I've ever tried and I must have started over about 15 times before I finally went to this amazing site where they have step by step instruction videos for even the most befuddled. Success was had at last! And here is my finished product:

Not too shabby! This kitty is knit from hand spun angora yarn by Angie's Angora and is so soft and furry I just love it. Her yarn is an absolute dream to work, I've been using it for my bunnies this year and they have come out wonderfully. I stuffed it...her...with wool too so she is completely made of natural fibers. She's a kitty snuggle bunny!


  1. Cute kitty! I have to envy your knitting skills - Im still working on the scarf I started in November! At this point I have a very pretty place mat. :)

  2. this little guy is SO cute!