Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tagged! tagged me so I'm supposed to tell seven random facts about myself....Ookaay...
1. I'm named after Cinderella, the Disney movie came out the year I was born and my parents were unprepared for a girl.
2. I was a theater major in that translated to doll art I'm not exactly sure.
3. I hate pears...weird texture thing.
4. Sometimes my dreams come true like I always knew I would have a house full of boys even when I was little.
5. I love cold, rainy days 'cause they make me feel cut off in a cozy way.
6. I'll watch just about anything with good costumes.
7. I'm ALWAYS on time.

Okay enough of that!
I've been having a great time making witches and other fall fae lately. The weather finally turned and there has been a delicious coolness in the air and I swear the leaves are starting to turn on some of the trees. Fall cometh!

1 comment:

  1. I saw you beautiful Witches on DA and just had to look. O.O they are so pretty and i just love all of the fae you have made them really come to life. It did make me think of dark crystal immediately and now i wanna watch it lol.

    I'm also starting to get completely fascinated and sucked into the world of fiber (can crochet and just learned to knit, dieing to learn to spin) at 23 I have a pretty late start but to finally find something i love is so nice ^_^

    looking at your dolls has given me so many ideas that my head is going to explode lol. I have shown my mother and she thinks the witch in black and orange looks like me lol

    Again they are very pretty I need to get my husband out of college so i can afford to get one hehe