Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Alyssandra and the grads

Here's another dragon daughter fairy. This one is Alyssandra, but everyone calls her Allie. Unusually, her mother is a white dragon and when she grows up she has the potential to be a very powerful sorceress...but right now she is very young and mainly has a huge potential for mischief! She is very sweet at heart though and her mischief is never cruel.

We went to the mountains this weekend for my son's graduation from college. It's kind of a strange feeling to see your child graduate ...it doesn't seem like it was very long ago that I was wearing the cap and gown and yet it was really a lifetime ago. Yikes! I'm so proud of him , a lot of kids start college and don't make it through, and here he is heading off to grad school! Great job Nate!! And Lindzy too, with so many honors around her neck I'm surprised she could walk! Kudos to them both!


  1. I love these dolls, I used to make dolls too, so much fun.


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  3. Whoops on the first comment attempt... I meant to type that I just love the bunny dolls. They are exquisite. I know my daughter will love them, but I will appreciate them for the collector's dolls that they really are. If I make some money soon, I'm going to get Alyssandra too. I just have to get the work done in the studio!!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your fairies are amazing! I will definitely be checking back to see your new work, and I think I'll add you to my blog links too!