Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dragon Fae

I've been working on these horned fairies lately that I call the "dragon daughters." They are the children born from the union of a fairy and a shape changer dragon and are always girls. They have the natural ability to become very powerful magicians and they also are immune to the touch of iron. This second ability allows them to dwell closer to humans than other fairies and they often make cities their homes. This is Mogwen and like most of her kind her father was a dragon. Only very rarely do female dragons produce a dragon daughter.

Okay...all kinds of strange stories find me when I'm doll making! I actually made a younger version of Mog too. Here she is hanging out with her friend Jorintha.


  1. Then maybe these are the ones hanging around my blacksmith shop....
    Very nice!

  2. I wouldn't doubt it. They would love the flames and the beautiful works you create!

  3. These Fairie dolls look very interesting. I am always looking for dolls to sell on my websites.
    I think I will hop on over to your website and take a look.
    Nice Dolls. In case you're interested I got to your blog from the James Browne Blog. :0).