Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Recently a new little fairy was born in the Nest. She 's definitely been an interesting character right from the very beginning. I had a specific idea about this new doll I was creating, but the doll had her own thoughts on the subject and made them very clear early in the process. First she told me her name is Miranda...

Miranda may be a very young fae but she already knows that when she grows up she wants to work in the court library, because she loves books more than just about anything! Their smell of ink and ages, the buttery softness of the old paper, the beautiful illustrations, and best of all, the wonderful adventures they take her in their pages. 

She's also a very opinionated little fairy; besides books she likes cats, rainy days, radishes, stargazing, and rose hip tea. She does not like combs, asparagus, wearing pants, or having to go to bed...though the court librarian has frequently found her curled up and napping among the stacks.

Despite her many opinions...or maybe because of them...Miranda is a sweet little fae and lights up any room she's in with her happy smile. She can be found in my shop and she will be happy to come live with you...especially if you have lots of books!

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