Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hearts in Winter

It's cold outside...well it is after all January so I guess that's the way it's supposed to be, but here in the studio it is toasty warm and I've been busy with a merfae commission ( the collage fabric from my last post) and a little Valentine fairy. So I pulled out the little box of conversation hearts that I use for staging photos...

..and that got me to wondering about these little candies. Did you know they've been around and made by the same company since the Civil War? That's pretty impressive for a tiny little candy that frankly...well... doesn't taste like much!  I do remember how much we loved them at Valentine's as a kid...but it was all about the sayings!

So I used a few for a photo shoot of my new little heart pixie. I had such fun with the details on this one! She has the newer sculpted face and a new style of wings.

Her hat has a little embroidered heart..

and her skirt has a scalloped edge so you can see the pretty scalloped vintage petticoat underneath.

Definitely a little sweetheart!


  1. She's lovely....the hat is adorable :)

  2. We bought our conversation hearts yesterday and my daughters asked me how and when they started. Very interesting.
    You're dolls always bring a smile to my face!