Monday, November 25, 2013

A New Nest

I moved into my new studio this weekend and it is wonderful! An cozy place to create and so beautifully organized that it's a dream come true. I wish I had taken some before pictures because it was a disaster of nasty carpet, cracked walls, and flaking paint. I did get this one with my phone but it doesn't really do justice to how awful it was.

But I definitely have photos of the after! Here are a couple of my work space...


and this is my cutting table/ shipping station...

and here is my closet...

and here is the desk area from the "before" shot...

Quite an improvement! I still need to get some artwork up and a few other touches but for the most part it's done and I can get back to making dolls. Yay!

If you're curious about the old studio, search "studio tour" to see pictures.


  1. Looking great, I would love to see a close up of the doll house and what wonderful creations you made that live there!

  2. Wow you have so much's wonderful:)