Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Cozy...that's the word that perfectly describes my morning here at The Nest. My Solstice tree is up and lit, I have bread baking in the kitchen, and I've been working on a set of cinnamon babies for a commission so the house is scented with a delightful mix of wonderful aromas. The sunlight is streaming in my dining room windows as I work giving everything a lovely glow and if anything making it all even more ...well cozy. Such a nice way to spend a cold December morning.

I added a few more items to the shop this week, 3 little acorn hatted (is that a word?) pin dolls and a set of snowflake lavender babies. Here's a little peek...


  1. The three little babies are so cute together:)

  2. the dolls are beautiful!:) they will be an awesome Christmas decoration :)