Saturday, May 28, 2011

What's New?

I've added something a little different to the shop this week...Postcards! For years now I've been making cards of some of my doll photos to send to friends and family and they've been telling me I should think about selling them, so I took a tiny step in that direction. I had a couple of sets of postcards professionally printed and I have to say I think they look gorgeous...but I may be a bit biased. There's a garden fairy set ...

and a set with storybook characters.

But we'll have to see how these do before I commit to having more made. In the meanwhile there's also a new bunny hanging out here at the Nest. She likes to have tea parties with the wooden bunnies...

and she loves the garden...which is lovely this time of year.

And she can also be just a little naughty...

See? :)


  1. Great looking postcards. They are so whimsical and cute...should sell well.

  2. The garden fairy set postcards are so adorable. Your designs are truly unique,beautiful in their own way.

  3. naughty bunny. :) and really cute little wooden bunnies too.

  4. Your postcards are beautiful! I especially like the flower fairy ones - so vibrant!