Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Dirty Little Secret

I've posted pictures before of my very organized studio, containers and drawers all neatly stacked and labeled, but I'm here to tell you that beneath that lovely organization I hide a terrible secret... the horror that is my thread drawer!

Pretty scary, right? And what's even worse is that there are 3 of these drawers and they are all just as bad. Everyday I open them, sigh at the mess as I paw through trying to find the color I need, think "I really need to clean these up", and then shut the drawer.

One of these days I will have a better way to organize thread...but not today.
Does your studio hold a dirty secret?


  1. My studio *is* a dirty secret. Mainly because it's terribly badly organised, it's the only place in the house to store large things, and I have a tendency to rush in, drag a box off the shelf, take out what I need and leave the box on the floor. Oh, and just throw things into the studio for putting away 'later'.

    I actually do most of my actual *work* in my bedroom. Go figure.

  2. Oh thread. Mine half looks like that and I don't even use my thread that much.

  3. I think I'm with you Yve on the craft hording. I purge my house on a regular basis...except the studio. The "I might need it" reflex is SO strong there!

  4. It actually makes me feel better about my own hoarding to know other people do it too! I think my entire organizational philosophy is based on "I might need that"! (deep conflicted sigh)

    As a side note: Bea DID know about the "Dead Woman's Scales" post, because I asked her permission to write the piece and then read her the proof and got her blessing before I posted. It was such a good title, someone had to use it!

  5. I opened a shop on etsy where I plan to sell my stuff that is clogging the cupboards/closets/baskets/boxes. Hmm. That shop still seems to be empty.

  6. Two of my drawers contain dirty secrets. I'll have to share them one of these days! ;)

  7. Hi Cynthia!
    Wish I had all those colors of thread... The dirty secret in my studio is all my half-finished projects! And I have to admit, my ribbon drawer and piles of fabric look a lot like your thread drawer... ;)
    - Jordan