Monday, December 6, 2010

Snowflakes and Kittens

Isn't that in a song..these are a few of my favorite things? I'm not sure, but it would certainly be a fit description of my weekend. On Saturday we had one of our rare Southern snows, even more rare in December. I'm sorry to say that I didn't take a single picture especially because it was so gorgeous...but you see I kind of had my hands full at the time. A friend called me a week ago, she had taken in a rescued Momma cat with 3 kittens and wondered if we might be willing to adopt a new baby. At first we said no, but then we thought about it and well...we took two. Yes, we are crazy, thank-you.
Our new babies arrived Saturday morning so I spent the afternoon watching the snow fall while curled up with two sleeping kittens and I can tell you life doesn't get much better then that. My only sadness was thinking about how much Mattie would have enjoyed these two little girls, she always had a big soft spot for kittens.

Here are my two little girls, Ella on the right and Edith on the left.

The snow melted away quickly...a very ephemeral pleasure...and while I may not have pictures of it I do have some little snow pixies to share with you...I promise these won't melt and all can be found in my shop.


  1. these little girls are as sweet as they can be! both your kittens and your little snow pixies! thanks for sharing! blessings..s....

  2. Aww, kittinz! They're adorable. And the snow pixies are lovely too, I love the little bag!

  3. Hello dear friend!!! Here it snowed too!!!!!brrrrrrr it's so cold! A happy day to you.
    We wish you a week in the warmth of your home. lots of kisses