Thursday, October 28, 2010

In Celebration of Things that go Bump in the Night

So Halloween is only a few days away...mere shrieks of time... and I have something extra special to share with you. One of my favorite poets has agreed to let me post one of her marvelous poems here on the blog and I think you'll find it absolutely perfect for the season..

Strays from Halloween's Dream
by Carolyn Cox

there were three of them;
tall and thin and stuffed with straw,
held together with twigs and twine;
clothed in a patched motley
of midnight black and october orange.
eldritch candlelight flickered from within
hollowed out skulls,
identical jack o lantern grins penetrated the murky twilight.
silently they ghosted down st. andrews in the rain;
on bicycles fashioned from the mottled ivory of ancient bones.
the lonely wind whispered softly through spokes choked
with rotting leaves as crows cawed rustily;
perched upon telephone poles and november bare branches,
heads cocked; watching the eerie procession below.
they disappeared from sight, these strays from halloween's darkest dream;
the moment the harvest moon rose, a sinister orange above the trees.
the crows took wing then, to follow them into the wood;
and in their wake there lingered the haunting perfume of samhain:
hoarfrost and sweet cinnamon, decaying mulch and the acrid tang of woodsmoke.

Isn't that wonderfully evocative of All Hallow's Eve? I love it!
Now add in a couple of Witches with black cats ...

and you have ...

Happy Halloween!!


  1. I really like your witch dolls and am happy I have one. Let me know if you ever have another crow lady doll.

  2. That's brilliant, I've never heard of her before, and of course, you can't top the illustrations :D

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  4. Carolyn is
    an awesome poet!

  5. Thanks for putting me into the Halloween spirit with your adorable dolls and verse!

  6. not sure what samhain is? Anyone? I loved the poem and the doll and cats are amazing as always! xo ulla

  7. Such lovelies every time I come to call:) I hope you have a very wonderful Halloween!

  8. Just found your blog through Aquariann's Autumn Blog Hop. I too love dolls and am impressed with your creations. Can't wait to see what comes next.

  9. so beatifull dolls. Also your last post. They look so sweet. Hopefully they will take a smile on the Kids Faces.
    Greatings Tinki

  10. Great poem! Hope you had a magical Halloween! Your little witch is adorable! Love her candy corn dress! :)