Thursday, January 14, 2010

Someone's been eating my porridge!

And it just may have been this little scamp!

Actually Goldilocks is a reformed cat burglar and now she feeds little bear instead of stealing his breakfast.

It was fun perusing the web to find info about the history of this fairy tale. For some reason I thought it was one of Grimm's, but it's not at all. According to Sur La Lune, (a must read site for anyone interested in fairy tales) the earliest recorded version is from 1831, which in the realm of fairy tale literature is not that long ago, although it was probably told as an oral tale for many years previously. In that version, as well as later ones, the intruder is either a fox or an old woman and not the golden haired child so familiar to readers today. She didn't appear until much later.
And that is your little fairy tale factoid for today!


  1. She's great! I love the death grip she has on that bear - always did think Goldilocks was kind of a rowdy hussy!

  2. Sweet - very sweet!!!! Grimm's have only writing the book and took together all the story's. I think, the make journey's to collect all of them! My favourite is the 'Die kleinen Wichtelmännchen' where the man who makes Shoes became help from the little "wichtel"(how do you say in english?).
    I love your little doll's !
    Greetings Tinki