Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Of mice, bunnies and best laid plans...

Okay I truly did intend to make a new art doll after my last post, but I'm afraid that my own compulsiveness got in the way. Here's what happened.

First I decided that I needed to clean off my work table before I could start anything as it was piled sky high with all the debris left from my last several pieces. So I did... and it was a bit like an archeological dig, I kept finding dolls in various states of completion. When I was done I had;
1) a bag of lavender baby heads
2) a sweater bunny all made up and waiting to be dressed
3) some beautiful wool yarn I was planning on using to develop a sweater pattern
4) the completed heads and paws for two mice that needed me to design them bodies

So I decided that I need to get all of these finished before I started anything new. And here's what they all became!
The heads!
The bunny and the wool.
(This is my first attempt at designing a sweater. I like how it came out but there are some changes I'll make for the next one. Maybe I'll post the finished pattern here?)

The mice

So now my table is (mostly) clear and I'm ready to start a new doll...but what will I make? You'll just have to wait and see!
And I'll leave you with the marvelous pumpkin that our resident master carver created this year...hope you all had a wonderfully spooky and fun Halloween!


  1. Your mice are darling! This was a fortuitous post, as I am cleaning up all of my materials (again) today before I finish my latest WIPs. Maybe I'll find something great! tee-hee

  2. Your dolls are so sweet, I just love your bunny, so glad the Fall has arrived, looking forward to all the Holiday Festivities

  3. gorgeous! i love the wee jumper as well, just the right balance between simplicity & detail :)

  4. Don't you feel amazing! I love it when I finish pieces....kudos to you. Have a great week planning your next creation.

  5. Fabulous! Fairie, I am just delighted with all your sweet little lovies!

  6. I love you! That bunny in the little sweater was wonderful, and the mice were very charming - were they lying on a flannel bag?

  7. So wonderful pictures! Have you also done this beautiful Halloween-Light? If you look for knitting pattern - I look at the books for baby's knitting and calculate smaler! That works fine. But often - I don't use any patterns any more. If you want mine of the jacket - i will try to count the lines etc.and put on the blog. Tinki

  8. Awesome meecy-mice! And awesome pumpkin!!!