Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tiny Crow Girl Dolls

As you probably saw in the last post, I've had crows on my mind lately and these two are why.

I just finished them yesterday and they are so tiny and cute, just 7" tall. I was thinking of the Counting Crows rhyme the entire time I made them and they seem to personify the number two...
One for sadness, two for mirth;
Three for marriage, four for birth;

Five for laughing, six for crying:

Seven for sickness, eight for dying;

Nine for silver, ten for gold
Eleven a secret that will never be told.

There are so many versions of this rhyme but this one is my favorite and seems to be the one on which Heidi Holder's marvelous book is based.

The illustrations in this book are breathtaking and it's certainly one to have if you love beautiful childrens' books. ..and you know I do! Crows and kids' books...a perfect combo for me! There's also a fascinating explanation of the Crow augury here that might be of interest to other Corvidae fans.

Now an update on the fabric swap. So far we have had only 9 people sign up and this just isn't enough. So I'm debating scrapping the whole thing or maybe giving it a try in January. What do you all think?


  1. I just love your little crow dolls of course. My kitchen witch and her crow are sitting on the mantel at our new old house.

  2. Love your crows, big and small!

    We have a similar rhyme, but here it is magpies:

    one for sorrow, two for joy
    three for a girl and four for a boy
    five for silver, six for gold
    seven for a secret never to be told

    It used to be featured on a children's TV programme. I bet many of our UK bloggers remember it!

  3. they are so cute, I just love the pic of those two reading!
    really adorable pinafores

  4. They are so unique and so precious! I love them!

  5. oh my, those wee crows are adorable. there is something fascinating about crows isn't there. i shall have to look out for the book, wonderful illustration

  6. What a beautiful book! I have never seen that one, but we do have a children's book called Carmen the Crow illustrated by Heidi Holder. The illustrations are exquisite!

  7. I love the photo of the crows looking at the book. He he he. What fun!

  8. these are adorable. We have a lot of crows around here and I absolutely love yours!!!

  9. I LOVE your crows!!!

    as for the fabric swap - maybe we wait until winter-time?

  10. i don't mind waiting - I bought some fabric specially but I can always get more.

  11. Your crow dolls are really something to Caw about ;-)