Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hearts in Winter

It's cold outside...well it is after all January so I guess that's the way it's supposed to be, but here in the studio it is toasty warm and I've been busy with a merfae commission ( the collage fabric from my last post) and a little Valentine fairy. So I pulled out the little box of conversation hearts that I use for staging photos...

..and that got me to wondering about these little candies. Did you know they've been around and made by the same company since the Civil War? That's pretty impressive for a tiny little candy that frankly...well... doesn't taste like much!  I do remember how much we loved them at Valentine's as a kid...but it was all about the sayings!

So I used a few for a photo shoot of my new little heart pixie. I had such fun with the details on this one! She has the newer sculpted face and a new style of wings.

Her hat has a little embroidered heart..

and her skirt has a scalloped edge so you can see the pretty scalloped vintage petticoat underneath.

Definitely a little sweetheart!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Collage fabric and wings on the work table today. It's nice to be back in the studio again!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Facebook Flash Sale!

Okay folks I'm going to try something a little different this year.  Tomorrow evening (12/14/14) from 7pmEST to 10pmEST I'm going to hold a flash sale on Facebook for some of the dolls currently in my Etsy shop. the dolls will be 15% off the Etsy listing price. I'll post them individually and the first person to comment SOLD and message me their Paypal email (so I can send you an invoice) will get the doll. Are you ready to play?!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

And Here They Are!

Once upon a time, eons ago, I started making little cloth dolls. I liked what I made but they never quite matched the idea of dolls that I had in my head. As the years went by and I learned new techniques and developed some of my own, the dolls I made came closer and closer to those ones I could see in my mind, but were never quite there...until now. These are the dolls I've always wanted to make. Small, about 8.5 inches tall, with detailed sculpted faces, posable limbs and fingers, and yet still made from cloth and natural fibers, no clay involved at all. It has been such a wonderful feeling to finally achieve this and I already have all kinds of ideas for the places I can take my new dolls next year. So let me show you the first of my new designs..

First up is Angelina, a sweet little angel all in white and gold...

Next a little Frost Fairy...very sparkly!


And lastly, Noelle,  a fairy who obviously loves the holidays but is happy any time of the year in her pretty red dress. I think she's my favorite, I just love her freckles! 

All three are one of a kind dolls because each sculpted face comes out completely different! And they all have lace trimmed underdrawers because folks always look up a doll's dress first thing...what is that about!? So what do you think? Have you ever had a moment like that, where years of experimenting finally come together?  I'd love to hear about it! And if you're interested you can find all three of these ladies in my shop

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Working, working, working...

I've been working on a new type of doll lately, sort of a combination of my dollhouse doll and my larger cloth over dolls. They will be about 8 inches tall and have needle sculpted faces. I have almost finished the first prototypes so here's a peek..

Monday, October 6, 2014

A New Ghastly Girl

....and finally a new post! My posting lately has been so erratic. It's been a long, sad, hard summer and I'm afraid that post writing and, frankly, doll making has not been at the top of my priority list.  But Autumn is here at last with it's cool breezes, blazing colors, and feelings that a change is in the air and better times are just ahead. I do so love Fall! So I'm back working at some commissions and have a few new dolls to share.

Listen! the wind is rising,
and the air is wild with leaves.
We have had our summer evenings,
now for October eves.
~Humbert Wolfe, P.L.M.: Peoples, Landfalls, Mountains, 1936

And in the spirit of Autumn and Halloween meet my newest Ghastly Girl, Cassandra. She is so proud to show off the wonderful shrunken head that her great uncle Norman gave her for her birthday this year. The head says his name is Mr. Mephistopheles and he has the most lovely stories that he whispers to her every night...chock full of murder and ghoulish happenings, her favorite kind! Cassandra thinks she's the luckiest girl alive...well or undead as the case may be.